Maintain your car's air conditioning

Today, all vehicles are equipped with air conditioning for unparalleled road comfort in hot weather. Note that it is important to carry out its maintenance fairly regularly at the risk that it no longer works properly and not only deprives you of this privilege but at the same time deteriorates other elements.

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Recognizing faulty air conditioning

It is very easy to recognize faulty air conditioning. The air begins to circulate poorly and the flow is no longer strong enough to cool the passenger compartment. Your air conditioning then becomes less efficient and no longer cools your car as it did before. This is a detail that can quickly become a nuisance in hot weather.

Your car's air conditioning may also start giving off an unpleasant and unusual odor. It is also a sign that it is time to go see an auto specialist. It is also important to remember that faulty air conditioning generates ENT disorders such as irritation of the throat, the appearance of allergies as well as a severe coughing fit as soon as it is started. In addition to this, it causes excessive fuel consumption.

3 important elements for quality air conditioning

    • The refrigerant: to function properly, the air conditioning of a car requires the introduction of a fluid called "refrigerant" into its system. It is a very specific fluid which, in its absence, can damage the compressor. It is for this reason that it is recommended to check the level of the refrigerant regularly and to replace it every two years.

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    • The cabin filter: this prevents fine particles and dust from entering the passenger compartment. It is essential not to neglect this filter because if the latter is excessively loaded with impurities, it will no longer be able to play its filtering role. It is advisable to renew your cabin filter every year for good air conditioning efficiency.

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    • The air purifier: placed in the passenger compartment, this device generates negative ions. Free of ozone, it continuously sterilizes the air by effectively eliminating allergens from the ambient air.

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        How much does maintenance and servicing of your air conditioning cost?

        We can see quite variable prices from one brand to another. It takes 80 € to check the circuit and replace the refrigerant gas.

        On the other hand, you will have to plan a hundred euros to change and treat the cabin filter with an antiseptic, fungicide solution and bactericide, plus the installation of a deodorant.

        For the compressor you will have to pay a sum which can easily amount to 1,000 Euros.

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