The 10 most reliable car brands in 2022

Like every year, the British newspaper Whatcar recently published the ranking of the most reliable brands for the year 2022. This edition, once again, has some surprises in store.

While many Asian manufacturers are, as usual, present in this ranking, several Western brands slip into it.

10 – Porsche

In 10th place, a German manufacturer. And not least: Porsche. 3rd in the ranking in 2021, the Stuttgart brand had temporarily abandoned the top of the reliability tables last year.

Having unveiled the replacement for its iconic model, the 911 in 2019, it seems that the latest generation of the model has only slightly marred the good results observed 2 years ago.

More than a brand of sports cars, Porsche has become a true Premium manufacturer since the mid-2000s. Indeed, the introduction of the Cayenne SUV followed by the Macan or the Panamera sedan has recently completed a range including, even today, an electric sedan: The Taycan.

While the prices charged by the brand are certainly and by definition elitist, its return to this reliability ranking will at least have the following effect: insurance for customers of maintenance costs measured.

09 – Dacia

As a regular in the rankings listing the cheapest vehicles on the market, the Romanian branch of the Renault group can also be proud of a great reward this year. Ninth place in this ranking confirms the manufacturer's unrivaled know-how, offering products at knock-down prices as well as quality. The general public has embraced it.

Indeed, excluding 2020, a year marked by the various confinements and having had a severe impact on almost all the manufacturers on the planet, Dacia has posted overall sales that have been growing systematically from one year to the next for more than 10 years.

Recently revamped, the current range was enriched in 2021 with the cheapest electric vehicle on the market: the small Spring made in China. Although it is obviously dangerous to make any predictions in terms of reliability concerning this novelty, both the canon price of this one and this beautiful 9th ​​place of the brand in this ranking however augurs indices of customer satisfaction and figures record sales for the coming years.

08 – Hyundai

Hyundai's story begins in Korea in 1941. Chung Ju-Yung opened an auto repair garage in Seoul. Several years after having merged its company with a steelworks, the firm began in the 1960s to build original Ford vehicles under license.

The first automobile developed and sold under the Hyundai name was the Pony in 1975. Since then, the company has become one of the world's heavyweights in the sector. Owner of its former competitor Kia since 1999, Hyundai Motor reached the position of 5th automotive group in the world in 2020 by number of vehicles manufactured.

6th in the ranking last year, the observed solidity of the Korean brand's products is confirmed. Offering city and compact cars with an extremely competitive price/equipment ratio, the brand has also made a name for itself for its SUVs and 4x4s such as the Tucson and the Santa Fé.

We will notice an electric shift that is also very well negotiated. Offering at least hybridization or even 100% electric versions on almost all of its range, the brand serves as a benchmark in this area in front of many European manufacturers. and Americans. And the icing on the cake, the whole system demonstrates impeccable reliability, as evidenced by this fine 6th place for the brand in this ranking.

07 – Mazda

Founded in 1920 by Jujirō Matsuda in Japan, Toyo Cork Kogyo specializes in cork stoppers for the wine industry. The first vehicle built by the firm was the Mazda-Go in 1931. It was not until 1934 that the name Mazda was adopted, the Japanese pronunciation of its founder's surname.

A discreet brand, it has won its stripes as manufacturers of sports cars in recent decades thanks to several productions equipped with Wankel-type engines. Specialist in mid-range cars intended mainly for families, it is nevertheless a small roadster powered by traditional 4-cylinder engines which will become a real legend over more than 3 decades today, the famous MX5. It shares the same qualities with its wiser sisters, namely affordable prices, but also rock-solid reliability.

Take care of its image, for a decade, the brand has been inspired by Kodo design for the shape of its cars. Add to this the bursts of brilliant innovations gathered under the name Skyactiv and we can only salute the efforts of the Hiroshima manufacturer offering some of the most desirable, affordable and reliable products on the market.

06 – Mitsubishi

We know little about it, but the automotive division of the Japanese manufacturer represents only a tiny part of the activities of the Mitsubishi group. A conglomerate of more than 300 companies, many Mitsubishi-branded products have been involved for more than 150 years in establishing Japan in the eyes of the world as the epicenter of technology.

A discreet brand although well known to the French public, Mitsubishi's automotive sector was put in the limelight in 2016 when it joined the Renault-Nissan group as a subsidiary. A great specialist in all-terrain vehicles, it offers a solid range made up of SUVs, real 4x4s as well as pick-ups, such as the excellent L200.

Having risen to a superb 2nd place in the reliability ranking of brands last year, the Japanese brand confirms its superb mastery, all Asian, in this area.

05 – Kia

Launched in 1944 in South Korea, Kyungsung Precision Industry, renamed Kia the following year, first made a name for itself in the bicycle and motorcycle markets.

The automotive adventure began in 1971 when the company started production under license

of an automotive icon: the Fiat 124. Alternating for several decades between building its own cars and licensed models such as the Peugeot 604, the company came under the control of Hyundai in 1999.

A specialist in family cars, the brand has made a name for itself by offering a range without eccentricity, but with a performance / price ratio that is difficult to match. But Kia is also distinguished above all by good reliability, as evidenced by this beautiful 5th place. 7th last year, the progression this year is remarkable.To close the chapter, remember that it is the only manufacturer on the market to offer a 7-year or 150,000 km warranty on its entire range

04 – Honda

The history of the Honda brand began in 1906 when Soichiro Honda was born in a small village near Mount Fuji. In 1922, at the age of 16, he left school and became an apprentice mechanic.

If in 1935 he founded a company bearing his name and producing segments, the founding date of the manufacturer as known today is 1948. Recovering generator engines, he decided to graft them onto bicycles and to market them.

The Type A motorcycle will be the beginning of a long series that will make Honda one of, if not the greatest specialist in the sector to date. The automotive adventure began in 1963 in the form of small cars with motorcycle engines, the S360 and especially the S600.

Since then, Honda has made a name for itself many times with productions equipped with high-tech engines and chassis, such as the famous NSX and S2000. But above all, recognized for many years for its obsession with the quality of its products, this 4th place confirms Honda's know-how in this area.

And yet, she has come a long way. Suddenly ejected in 2020 from the rankings of the most reliable brands sold in the United States due to problems of oil dilution by fuel on GDI engines sold in North America, it made a remarkable comeback in the top 10 of the 2021 edition. The 2020 accident now seems well forgotten and Honda's return to the top of the most reliable brands seems sustainable today.

03 – Toyota

In 3rd place, a regular on the podium. Year after year, Toyota shows incredible consistency in terms of the quality of its products. It's very simple, the most recognized and copied production system in the entire industry is undoubtedly the Toyota Production System.

This system, developed and improved since the end of the 1940s, has the continuous objective, among other things, of tracking down all the potential causes of defects even before they appear, a continuous reduction in losses and scrap, the extensive validation of any innovation before its application, as well as careful relations with suppliers and customers. But also and above all a business philosophy according to which any decision is considered not in relation to short-term financial objectives but on the planning of the development of the company in the long term.

The result of this work pays off: in the category of affordable or even popular cars, the best in the world have been for many years and are still marketed by Toyota today.

02 – Lexus

Surprise, this year Lexus is not first. The results and the consistency of the brand in terms of reliability, however, remain incredible and, to be honest, unmatched. Because the Luxury division of Toyota has been monopolizing the first places on the podium for so many years that the informed observer is no longer even surprised at the statement of the results.

Producing luxury cars whose solidity simply has no equal in current global production, the brand also offers iconic models in terms of performance, finish and stylistic audacity such as the sculptural LC.Add to this a sense of customer relationship among the most developed of all production worldwide, an offer in terms of technique and innovation patiently thought out and intelligently validated and it is easy to understand the reasons why Lexus remains unquestionably the specialist in all categories. in terms of reliability

01 Suzuki

Scarcely represented on the French market, the Suzuki name is generally reminiscent of 2-wheel type products. It is an injustice because it offers products that are not only interesting but also extremely reliable in 4 wheels. Founded in 1909 by Suzuki Michio, the company entered the automobile market in the 1960s.

In 2022, its range consists exclusively of small to medium-sized vehicles at attractive prices. This formidable 1st place therefore rewards a brand that definitely deserves to be talked about a lot more.



  • Michel NOEL on

    J’ai acheté en aout dernier ma cinquième MAZDA , toujours à mon entière satisfaction, performances et faible consommation sont au rendez-vous pour un modèle CX 3 Skyactiv moteur 2 litres 120 cv largement à la hauteur sur route en tenant compte des limitations de vitesse. A essayer c’est

  • caron christian on

    Comment pouvez-vous placer dacia-lada en 2ème de la liste des voitures les plus fiables ? A mon sens il n’y que le prix qui influe ce classement et sûrement pas le fait de “fiabilité”.Personnellement ces voitures low-cost ne m’inspirent pas, voire me font peur à moins d’en avoir en deuxième pour évacuer gravats et déchets!

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