The advantages of Matscarlux made-to-measure car mats
Always seeking the most advanced concept in car floor protection, our designers have worked tirelessly to develop some of the toughest car floor mats available today.

Matscarlux floor mats: effective protection for your car floor

Our floor mats cover the entire vehicle floor with precision. They thus provide truly effective protection. Our bespoke mat sets cover the floor of the vehicle in the front, rear and even on the side spaces. Digital laser measurements of interior surfaces allow for a perfect fit.

The patented high density material we use allows for a rigid core for strength while providing surface friction, as well as a pleasant tactile sensation. Advanced surfacing creates channels that carry fluids and debris to the edges of the mat. Additional channels help minimize the movement of fluids while driving.

Car rear floor liner

The rear-mounted floor mats incorporate the same design features as those in the front as well as the trunk mats. All of them are not only hard-wearing, but also remain flexible in extreme temperatures.

Protects the resale value of your vehicle

Our car floor coverings also help protect the resale value of a vehicle. In other words, the cost of ownership of a vehicle results from the difference between its purchase price plus maintenance costs and its selling price. Many factors affect resale value: mileage, exterior condition, service history and, of course, the condition of its interior.

Suitable for installation on vehicle carpet

Matscarlux floor mats are designed to be installed in vehicles where the original carpet is still present. They will not be fitted to vehicles fitted with elastomer floors, unless otherwise specified. Lay down your old floor mats before installing your new Matscarlux bespoke car floor covering.

Note that color representations on screen are not necessarily accurate representations of actual product colors in due to variations in monitor color calibration.

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