Everything you need to know about the job of taxi driver

Owner or independent operator, the “taxi” must hold a parking permit commonly called “taxi license”. In addition to waiting for customers and driving them to their destinations, the taxi driver will have to plan a pick-up strategy allowing him to be as profitable as possible, such as being present at the right times in strategic places. such as train stations, airports, nightclubs, etc.

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Working conditions and status

Working conditions can sometimes be difficult: stressful city driving, sitting for long periods of time, working on public holidays or at night. On the other hand, it is possible for the taxi driver to organize his working hours as he pleases and thus be more autonomous. Its working instrument is a vehicle equipped with the devices specific to the profession: light indicator of tariff, radio communication system, horokilometric counter, GPS, traffic information system, mobile telephony, payment terminal, etc., as well as equipment to keep the passenger compartment always clean, such as car mats that are easy and quick to clean or comfortable seat covers, etc.

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The profession of taxi driver includes 3 distinct statuses: craftsmen (56%), driving their own vehicle; 27% are tenant drivers who rent their vehicle from specialized service providers and finally, salaried drivers who represent 17% of the profession, are employed by a taxi company.

Taxi studies and training

Several prerequisites are required:

  • Being in possession of a B driving license for more than 3 years or more than 2 years if early learning to drive has been completed.

  • Mandatory medical examination.

  • No criminal record.

  • First aider diploma of at least 2 years, such as PSCN1 (Civic Relief and Prevention Level 1).

    Femme attente taxi

    Taxi drivers are e also required to undergo continuing training according to their seniority. It is the Ministry of the Interior which manages the profession of taxi driver and which sets the regulations for the issuance of the Certificate of Professional Competence (CCPCT), which is compulsory to practice. This type of preparation is not provided by the National Education but by approved training centers. The exam can also be prepared as a free application. However, it is recommended to follow a 2-month training in one of these approved centers, then to carry out a driving and behavior test. The cost of the training is approximately 3,000 euros. The application file is to be submitted to the Prefecture of Police of residence.

    Changes in the taxi profession

    While waiting to gain enough experience and have the financial possibility of acquiring the parking permit, itself subject to a limited number of registrations, the status of driver-tenant is very often only an intermediate passage before practicing as a craftsman.In addition, taxi drivers have the possibility of directing their activity towards more specialized transport: disabled, school, large discount, delivery of medicines, etc


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