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It's strange that something as convenient as inductive charging for cell phones isn't as widespread as it deserves. Maybe it's due to a lack of knowledge. If so, we make our contribution with this article on wireless charging of mobile phones in the car.

As its name suggests, wireless charging makes it possible to do without cables connecting the device and the charging station. There are two types:

  • Remote wireless charging
  • Wireless charging by contact

The second being the most common, we will focus on it.

How does wireless cellphone charging work?

To perform wireless charging, two devices are required. On the one hand, a base connected to a source of energy; on the other hand, a receiving device. In the case of smartphones, the charger is the base or charging station, and the phone is the device that receives the electricity.

Most manufacturers have opted for Qi technology: it is a system for transmitting electricity by electromagnetic induction, which operates on distances of up to 40 millimeters.

Wireless charging for smartphones works with two coils, one of which is in the base and the other in the receiver. They act as transmitters and receivers of energy. These come into contact with a magnetic field which induces alternating current to charge the phone. For charging to be possible, the two coils must be aligned.

Advantages of wireless charging

The big advantage of wireless charging is its convenience. You put your phone on the base and charging begins. Also remember that there is no contactless charging, so if you pick up your phone to answer a call, for example, the power flow will be cut off.

Does it work for all mobiles?

No, not all mobile phones support wireless charging. But that doesn't mean it's a luxury option. Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and many other brands offer wireless charging on many models.

The good news is that while each brand can sell their own wireless chargers, a Samsung wireless charger, for example, can also be used with an iPhone, an LG or any other Qi-enabled phone.

Another frequent question: do you have to remove the phone case to charge it?

The distance between the base and the phone should not exceed 40 mm So you can leave the case on as long as it does not exceed this thickness.

More and more manufacturers are offering wireless charging of mobile phones in the equipment of their cars (most are optional) and as an alternative to charging by USB. Our wireless car phone charger works with the aforementioned Qi technology and can therefore be used with Qi-enabled mobile phones.


Be careful not to leave keys or other metallic objects on the charger, as this may cause the base to continue to operate and reduce its charging capacity. Also, don't put credit cards on it: the magnetic strip could be rendered useless.

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