Compressor - Digital Portable Air Pump


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What is an air compressor?

An air compressor is a device designed to increase or decrease pressure and move so-called "compressible" fluids. These fluids are generally gases or vapours. The compression process is accomplished by an exchange of energy between the machine and the fluid; flow energy is created and pressure is increased.

Our portable air compressor is a compact compressor model. Our powerful model, with digital functions, is designed to be carried in the trunk of the car or stored in the garage.

What are the features of our portable air compressor?

The main characteristic of a portable air compressor is its small size. This tool is designed to accompany you during all your travels.

Another important feature is that it has a connection to a direct current outlet. These sockets allow you to connect the compressor to your car's cigarette lighter socket. In addition, this model is equipped with lithium batteries, a backlit LCD screen, pressure programming and even a backup torch.

The main advantages of our digital portable compressor

  • Has built-in memory that allows you to program your tire pressures.
  • You can carry it in the trunk of your car, which will allow you to solve any unforeseen situation or puncture on the road.
  • Equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery for extra runtime.
  • It has built-in LED lights, so you can use it at night.
  • It is equipped with an LCD screen for easy reading of data.
  • You will avoid trips to the gas station or garage to check your tire pressure.
  • Keeping your tires at the manufacturer's recommended pressure will help you drive safely.

What is a portable air compressor used for?

Its main use is usually to maintain the tire pressure of a car. Car manufacturers recommend keeping tires within a safe pressure range. A compressor is used to control this pressure and inflate the tires if necessary. This pressure should be checked and maintained regularly.

In fact, you can use our portable air compressor to keep all types of tires inflated, such as those on a bicycle or a a motorcycle. Being compact, it can be used to inflate all kinds of balloons, buoys and other toys. It is the ideal complement for a motorhome, because you can inflate your mattresses effortlessly.

Why put an air pump in your car?

There is no doubt that portable air compressors are among the essential accessories for your vehicle.As the tires gradually lose their pressure over several kilometres, a puncture can occur at any time. This makes it an essential tool that can get you out of all sorts of disappointments very quickly.

If a tire bursts or loses pressure, you should inflate it immediately at the most inopportune moment, even if it's dark and you're in the middle of a highway. For this reason, having a car air compressor will always be of great help to you, especially if it is a mini compressor.

For peace of mind and to make sure your tires are in perfect condition, treat yourself to our portable air compressor!

How to use a portable air compressor?

The first step is to set the correct pressure on the screen. Each manufacturer recommends pressure. On our portable compressor, it is very easy to adjust it to our needs, since this is done by means of the + and - buttons.

Once set, apply the compressor nozzle to the tire air outlet (valve). Wait a moment for it to sync and begin to inflate. Inflating stops automatically when the set pressure is reached. Remove the nozzle and store the compressor. It's as simple as that!

Here is a step-by-step checklist on how to use our portable air compressor:

  • Turn on the air compressor.
  • Use the buttons on the screen to set the correct pressure for your tires.
  • Remove the valve cap from the tire and keep it in a safe place.
  • Connect the air compressor nozzle to the tire valve.
  • Wait for the compressor to stabilize.
  • Inflate the tire. Being an automatic compressor, it will stop when it has reached the recorded pressure.
  • If you have overinflated, use the compressor to reduce the pressure until you reach the value indicated by the manufacturer.
  • Once the tires are inflated, screw the valves back on and turn off the compressor.

Technical specifications:

Item Type: Car Air Pump

Type of material: ABS

Product dimensions: 13.20 x 5.30 x 20.30 cm

Model Name: Air Pump 3665

Item weight: 450-620g

Power cord length: 2.80 meters

Air hose length: about 45cm

Power: 120W

2000 mAh lithium battery

Features: for car tire, bicycle and other inflatables

Auto Air Compressor: 12V Tire Inflator

Special Feature: Digital Display Screen

Item Color: Black


Expected inflation time: motorcycle/e-bike: 60 seconds

Bike/balloon: 20 seconds

Compact car: 300 seconds

Note: not recommended for SUVs and trucks.

Shipment includes:

1 x air compressor

1 x air hose

1 x power cord

3 x connectors for different applications

1 x User Manual

Free delivery in Europe within 12 days
15-day guarantee after receipt "Satisfied or refunded"
2-year manufacturer's warranty