Memory foam car cushions


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Say a stop to tiring journeys.

To unbearable back pain while driving.

Douleur cervicale en voiture
Finally have the ideal position to relieve your neck and back in the car.
Are you tired of car journeys? Give yourself maximum comfort during your travels.

By installing our ergonomic car cushions, feel completely supported. From your neck to your lower back.

  • Supported along its full length, the natural curves of the body rest on those of the seat cushion. To soothe the compression points of the vertebrae. On the spine, waist and lumbar region.
    • The particular curve of the headrest retains the weight of your skull backwards and keeps your head upright, without the need to pull on the neck and strain the cervical muscles.

coussins de voiture ergonomique

Thanks to these cushions, get the perfect position to drive without pain.

An ergonomic headrest and back cushion for painless driving.

Having trouble sitting still? Constantly looking for a new posture, adjusting the inclination of the backrest and the position of the seat to relieve your neck pain...?
Adapted to both driving and your body type, our car back cushion combines 2 simultaneous actions:
  • A lumbar support that targets the kidney area, whatever your size and the shape of your car seat.
  • Lateral wedging, made possible by the two ergonomic reinforcements, which reduce right-left tension, which is harmful when cornering or on deformed roads.
coussin de siège auto confortable
Thanks to their high densities and their slow returns, our memory pillows for cars regain their initial curves. This flexible texture gives your back an optimal position. The pressure points of your skin are perfectly distributed on the fabric for instant and guaranteed riding comfort.
appui-tête à mémoire de forme
High-end memory foam pillows
Despite the miles, stay relaxed in your luxury seat!
Made of high quality polyurethane (PU) with fiber filling, our car cushions with curved designs adorn your interior with prestigious materials.

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