Car GPS and OBD info display screen


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Advantages of Car Information Display

1. Stereoscopic Imaging: Displays information in 3 dimensions through its translucent semi-reflecting lens. No reflection, zero ghosting and clearer display during daytime.

2. Exquisite and unique design: Free from external light, no plastic film is needed, no unnecessary reflection image, plug-and-play, easy to use.

3. Powerful and convenient function display: such as speed, water temperature and voltage, etc. HUD could eliminate fault code displayed on engine dashboard without professional equipment.

4. Early warning: of high water temperature and low voltage to avoid car breakdown.

5. Suitable for all car models: thanks to its OBD2 + GPS dual mode.

6. Performance design: fits perfectly on the dashboard of the vehicle and thus demonstrates the technological genius of the HUD device.

7. Resists high temperatures and deformation of its base: made of polycarbonate and ABS, it has a beautiful design without fading and high performance against UV.

Car Display Screen Features

Information displayed in OBD mode:

Vehicle speed, water temperature, voltage, fuel consumption, rotational speed, single mileage, total cumulative mileage, trip time, driving direction, altitude, system time, manifold pressure, temperature oil pressure, air-fuel ratio, turbine pressure, manifold pressure, acceleration test, brake test, data stream reading.

Alarms: overspeed alarm, speed alarm, high water temperature alarm, low voltage alarm, engine fault alarm, clear fault code, free switching between kilometer and miles, Celsius and Fahrenheit switch freely.

Information displayed in GPS mode:

Speed, travel time, satellite time, altitude, number of satellites, driving direction, single mileage, voltage, acceleration test, brake test.

Alarms: overspeed alarm, low voltage alarm, free switching between kilometer and miles.

Car HUD Display Device Specifications:

Material: ABS

Color: Black

System: OBD2 + Dual Mode GPS

Ambient temperature:-40°C-80°C atmospheric pressure 86-106kPa

Relative humidity: 10%-95% environmental noise ≤ 60 db (A)

Alarm level: ≥ 30 dB (A)

Operating voltage: 11~18V DC (12V DC/200mA)

Product size: 110*77*42mm/4.33*3.03*1.65"

Applicable models: suitable for all cars


OBD2 Working Mode Voltage: 11~18V DC (12V DC/200mA), when the voltage is higher than 24V, please use USB cable for GPS mode.

System selection: When HUD is powered on, press the setting button to select language and systems. The default system is OBD.

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