High pressure car wash gun


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More and more people wash their cars by hand in order to protect the vehicle's paintwork longer. Are you part of this audience?

Car wash centers equipped with washing cabins are establishments where you can take special care of your car. But you may encounter several problems. It is likely that in some of them you will be asked to be quicker to wash your car because other people are waiting to wash theirs.

In addition, you will not be able to use products such as pre-wash foams, which remove dirt from the paintwork to avoid scratching it with the sponge. Or finishing products that add a glossy protective coating.

Saving time when washing your car

One of the most notable benefits of this pressure washer is the time it saves you. Indeed, thanks to its efficiency, you will save a lot of time to clean different types of surfaces.

Know that with this pressurized water device, you can count on equipment that does the job with great efficiency and always with excellent results. It goes without saying that this washing gun is very intuitive and really easy to use.

Water savings

Another aspect in which the effectiveness of this pressure washer translates is in water savings. The principle of being based on high pressure means that with little effort and few resources, you will achieve the desired results.

That's why this washing gun is a great ally for cleaning your car, your home and also for the environment. You can also use it to water your garden, clean windows or balconies, the terrace or fill your children's inflatable pool, and even take the opportunity to wash your pet!

The many advantages of this washing gun

1) Provides high spray power. The spray gun has 4 built-in elements that increase the water pressure.

2) It has 5 spray modes: rain shower, large jet (for the roof cleaning), small jet (for car body cleaning), high pressure (for wheel cleaning) and low pressure (for window cleaning).

3) Easy to use. The water flow is controlled by a single touch.

4) Aesthetic and minimalist. The wash gun has an elegant matte finish. Comfortable, the ergonomic handle fits comfortably in the hand.

5) Easy to store, the hose has a telescopic structure, once filled with water, it can be extended 3 times.

6) It is resistant to high and low temperatures. By design, its hose is also burst resistant.Its handle is made of aluminum alloy and the hose is made of durable TPE

7) It reduces water usage by 50%.

As you can see, the advantages of this high pressure sprayer are numerous. For those of us who like to not only keep their car looking pristine, but also take care of it so it stays in pristine condition for longer, this is the perfect accessory .

You can spend as much time as you want, without any rush to finish. You can even use the products that suit you best, without skipping steps in body cleaning to leave the vehicle shiny and protected longer.

Versatile, economical and easy to use

This car wash gun is very useful if you have several vehicles, because it will be very convenient to clean them simultaneously. You can also use this pressure washer in other areas of your home to thoroughly clean floors, exterior doors, railings, patio furniture, patio, and even your bike after a ride.

It is very easy to use. Simply connect it to a water supply and turn it on. You'll just have to worry about directing the stream of water at the surface you want to clean.

This pressure washer comes with 3 accessories, a spray gun, a high pressure hose and a tap plug. It's an economical option that will help you clean your car effectively and leave it spotless.

If you value your car, you must own this pressure washer!

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