solar powered wireless car phone holder


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We currently live in a world that is largely dependent on technology. We are interconnected and that means being constantly aware of our electronic devices. One of the most important of these is the mobile phone, which allows us to perform a large number of functions simultaneously.

In the EU it is prohibited to use a mobile phone while driving. That's why car cell phone holders are becoming more and more popular. These are extremely useful little devices that help prevent accidents. It is the complement of your security.

What is a car phone holder?

A cell phone holder for the car is a device whose purpose is to promote the use of the smartphone inside the vehicle while driving. It consists of a plastic structure on which the phone is placed.

Why is it important to have a car phone holder?

Car phone holders have two main functions: by placing the phone in its holder, they allow us to access it while driving. The second is safety, as they in turn reduce the risk of causing an accident due to the distraction it might cause.

The number of accidents is on the rise, caused by these distracted driving and cell phone use. Whether replying to a message, consulting a social network or looking at the route to reach a destination. This is why the authorities are on the lookout for infractions.

The solar-powered electric car holder therefore allows access to a device such as a telephone - by making phone calls via Bluetooth - or as a navigator, but it also provides more great road safety and reduces the risk of accidents or fines.

How and where is the electric solar powered car phone holder placed in the vehicle?

This model, among the most efficient, is anchored using clips that are embedded in the slots of the ventilation grille of the vehicle.

Can this car phone holder be used for anything else?

This solar-powered car phone holder fulfills its role perfectly: ventilation of the phone to prevent overheating and charging of the smartphone battery by USB cable

The Benefits of Solar Powered Wireless Car Phone Holder

  • Powered by solar energy.
  • Smart and automatic locking.
  • One-handed grip and placement.
  • Robust and resistant to drops.
  • Solar powered, no plug-in required.
  • Charge once, use for a month.
  • Can be recharged via cable C.
  • Built-in 150mAh high-efficiency battery provides long battery life.
  • The infrared sensor activates as soon as you place a phone on it to lock automatically and securely.
  • Stable and anti-vibration, not afraid of shocks.
  • No noise, new technology.
  • Precision gear structure is stable and quiet.
  • Beautiful appearance of its surface.
  • Anti-fog silica gel pad
  • Universal 360 ⁰ ball joint allowing you to change the angle at will.
  • For phones from 4.7 to 6.7 inches.
  • High compatibility and use with phone case.
  • Simple Setup
  • 2-year warranty.

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