Front & Rear 3D mats with double carpet layer


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<tc>Beige & Beige - Beige carpet</tc>
<tc>Beige & Beige - Brown carpet</tc>
<tc>Red wine & Beige - Carpet Red wine</tc>
<tc>Coffee & Beige - Carpet Coffee</tc>
<tc>Coffee & Beige - Carpet Brown</tc>
<tc>Black & Beige - Carpet Grey</tc>
<tc>Black & Beige - Carpet Black</tc>
<tc>Black & Black - Carpet Grey</tc>
<tc>Black & Black  - Carpet Black</tc>
<tc>Black & Red - Carpet Black</tc>
<tc>Black & Red - Carpet Red</tc>

Protect your car's interior in style and comfort during your daily journeys by adding a durable, easy-to-clean carpet floor covering (3D double layer).

3D mats with carpeted top layer: maximum coverage and protection

This innovative product features a two-layer structure designed to protect the interior of your vehicle. The three-dimensional design conforms to the contours of your car's interior while providing maximum coverage and protection inside the vehicle. Specialized materials make it easy to clean or remove as needed.

These high quality mats with soft touch, lightweight and durable material are easy to clean and are machine washable. They are designed to fit the contours of your vehicle's interior with raised edges that provide maximum coverage and protection inside the vehicle.

These carpets made of synthetic fabric are ergonomic, hygroscopic and of high quality. The undeniable advantages of carpeting are ease of cleaning, softness and refinement. The plush surface of the carpet absorbs moisture very well and hides dirt and dust.

This double-layer 3D mat is thicker and more durable than the traditional single-layer 3D mat. It can effectively absorb slush, ice and water.

Dual-layer 3D floor mats attach with fasteners to form a stable, shock-absorbing layer beneath the carpet. This eliminates vibration and noise, creating an exceptionally quiet driving experience.

The base of the mat is rubberized, which prevents moisture from entering the lower part of the car.

The main advantages of 3D floor mats with double layer carpet

  1. Great moisture absorption capacity.

  2. Good thermal and acoustic insulation performance

  3. Lightweight, easy to handle and transport

  4. Easy to clean

  5. Long service life.

    These are the main advantages of high-quality 3D double-layer floor mats, which will provide you with a good experience.


You will receive a complete set fully customized to your vehicle model and brand, including:

- 1 Floor mat for the driver's side
- 1 Floor mat for the co-driver's side
- 1 Rear seat floor mat
- 4 carpet mats
- Velcro and fastening clips

From the moment you receive your order, we offer a 1 year warranty (does not include intentional damage or misuse).

Free delivery within 15 to 20 days