The advantages of polyurethane

Polyurethane is a material that goes into the composition of many everyday objects without us even knowing it. It is present in various decorative objects, in certain floor coverings, furniture, insulating panels or even in automotive equipment such as dashboards, tires or car mats.

Marché mondial du polyuréthane

Global polyurethane market

Why this is this material used as much by manufacturers?

Many manufacturers use PU because it is a plastic material that is very easy to work with. It can be used to make both flexible and rigid structures and the possible shapes are endless. In addition, this plastic has a quality of great resistance and lasting solidity. The possibility of producing parts in a single molding significantly reduces manufacturing costs and improves the robustness of the product.

Image MEB à fort grossissement d'une mousse de polyuréthane à cellules ouvertes

High magnification SEM image of an open cell polyurethane foam

A definite advantage for construction work 'insulation

PU is widely used by thermal insulation professionals because it has properties that are as effective as those of traditional mineral wool. You should know that a panel of this material 1.6 centimeters thick has the same insulating power as a 1.30 meter wall made of concrete. In the form of foam, for example, it can be projected by blower in places that are difficult to access such as attics or crawl spaces. The other criterion that makes this material popular is its lightness, which makes it easy to handle and therefore faster to install.

Polyurethane insulation

Bespoke car mats

In the automotive field, the benefits provided by this plastic material are undeniable given its ability to adapt to all types of vehicles. Choosing this material for your car mats is a solution that has a lot of advantages over other classic materials:

  • It optimizes safety thanks to its perfect fit to the ground of the car
  • The plastic material protects the vehicle from dirt and dust
  • The elasticity of the material allows adaptability to all the constraints related to the manufacture of different car models
  • The range of colors is very wide
  • This plastic is an inert material that does not undergo deformation during temperature changes
  • The car mats are very light for easy handling
  • It is completely odorless
  • The lifespan of car mats is longer than with rubber or other materials

Tapis auto en polyuréthanePolyur car mat ethane

Finally, it is important to specify that the specificities of polyurethane allow the manufacture of custom car mats to adapt to all models on the market. The use of this material makes it possible to anchor oneself in a sustainable development approach by the fact that the objects are less thrown away and, in addition, at the end of their life, it can be recycled and reused.

All of these qualities make this composite material a must in various industrial sectors such as construction, automotive, manufacture of furniture or miscellaneous equipment In addition, its durability protects the consumer for a long time from replacement or premature wear.


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